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Title [WIS 2018 Exhibitors] Seoul Products (서울물산)
Writer KAIT Date 2018-03-23 Views 409


Company Name: Seoul Products


Website: http://www.seoulproducts.co.kr


Seoul Products has released “U-Fix Round Pack”, the world’s first waterproof pack that doesn't have any high-frequency welding line.


The new ‘U-Fix Round Pack’ has smooth rounding on the left and right sides. There’s no welding line on the sides, which is convenient to touch and has soft grip, thereby making it easier to operate volume buttons underwater. It also features a layer of air inside the pack, making it easier to take out items and float without sinking into the water.


Unlike the existing U-Fix Round Pack, it uses a transparent fabric to produce clear and clean camera shots. The pattern finish on the bottom is a rigid piece of work to absorb shock upon falling, and has a stronger waterproof capability. Also, the new model comes with two sizes: one is very capacious, for those smartphones with bigger sizes like Galaxy Note 3 or other various purposes, and the other one for smartphones smaller than 6 inches. It has two color options; black and grey, and comes with a U-Fix original neckstrap.


It is produced locally using ABS and urethane, and is approved by certified International laboratory partner. In addition, it has acquired the IPX8 (50m deep), the highest grade of waterproof test and EU RoHs, thereby exporting to European countries.


Seoul Products established a 100% automated production system and has been producing high quality high frequency products for 28years now, with more that 200 of patented products based on know-hows and experts. They say; “We will continue to lead the Korean high frequency manufacturing industry and will stay even more competitive in the waterproof pack sector. 



Product: U-Fix Round Waterproof Pack


Product descripton: It's the newest product in U-Fix! It's first fist waterproof pack without any high-frequency welding line on the sides, added with smooth surface.