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Title [WIS 2018 Exhibitors] Power Cube (천하지엘씨)
Writer KAIT Date 2018-03-23 Views 417


Company Name: Power Cube


Website: http://allocacoc.co.kr/


Power strip needs design as well!

Power Cube is a 7.5cm square and has a simple design that is suitable for any interior design. 

If the traditional power strip is version 1.0, Power Cube is a 2.0 version power strip.

We made a great improvement in functionality, extendability, and usablilty as well as the appearance.

In addition, it has a dock that is easy to fixate and install, so you can easily plug it in to the place you want and have convenient power connections. 

More amazing ideas are awaiting to make your life easier. 



Product 1: Power Cube Original

Product description: Easy to attach extra socket , low interference between power cords, high expandability


Product 2: Power Cube USB

Product description: Convenient to add extra socket can charge two at once(USB port), high expandability


Product 3: Power Cube Remote

Product description: Various control networks, powerless switch button