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Title [WIS 2018 Exhibitors] MINE PASS
Writer KAIT Date 2018-03-29 Views 378


Company name: Megazone


Website:  mz.co.kr


MINE PASS is based on the FIDO(Fast Identity Online) Solution that provides authentication of services like online and IoT in various industrial fields including public institution, financial sector and companies. Currently it’s focusing on mobile services, supporting FIDO 1.0 UAF, the new FIDO 2.0 which will be introduced in 2018 is also planned to be developed as firmware and support wearable devices. 


MINE PASS can be utilized for authentication of external services and business, those that have traditionally required authentication. In addition, it can be used for user identification like in Smarthomes and Connected car, which allows a safer preparation to the IoT era. 


Considering the characteristics of Internet, such as Internet banking and Internet shopping will continuously require the authentication process, and many of the company’s internal business systems such as Group-ware and ERP contain confidential documents, therefore user authentication is very essential. 


In addition, stronger security authentication is required to ensure the safe control of electronics and personal products like Smarthomes and Connectedcar purely operated by authorized user. In case of medical institutions, a problem needs to be solved instantly, therefore, a quick and easy access to business system along with accurate transfer of information is required.


MINE PASS, a cloud-based Fast Identity Online service, will combine a variety of biometric devices and the security standards of FIDO 1.0/2.0 to create a new ecosystem of authentication system. Furthermore, it will fulfill the duty as a leading company in invigoration of the authentication market, by helping to ease the cost burden of the enterprises.



Product: MINE PASS


Product description

About service

A cloud based biometrics system that effectively develops, applies, and manages the biometrics at points like sign-in, payment, access, self-authentication) when user authentication is required. It has complied to the international user-authentication standard, FIDO, thereby having a perfect protection of privacy.



Special strengths

▶ Security at its highest level

Developed to comply the FIDO standards using the technology with the highest level of security known as PKI technology.


▶ Increased user convenience

Maximize user convenience by using biometrics that does not require any other special information to authenticate. 


▶ Applicable to various environments

Available both on mobile and PC. As FIDO 2.0 is scheduled to be supported, it can be applied to many different environment(OS/Browser) or can lead to direct development of firmware which can be used in IoT devices.



Major functions 

▶ Based on Cloud, can easily apply the biometrics with no further system construction

▶ Through the interlocking of MINE PASS SDK(Server, Android, iOS), biometric authentication is carried out

▶ Management console provides specific data on user status, biometric device status, service and authentication policy management, statistical reports and monitoring. 

▶ Using the MINE PASS application and QR Code instead of password to sign in to the management console

▶ In addition to the fingerprints, it will provide a variety of bio-authentication methods (face, iris, palm print)