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Title [WIS 2018 Exhibitors] AWS Media/ Hyper Media
Writer KAIT Date 2018-03-29 Views 432



Company name: Megazone


Website: mz.co.kr


AWS Media is an integrated management service that makes it easy to construct a video workflow with a reliable broadcasting quality. With AWS Media service, whether it is a media, entertainment related company or a startup, or a government organization, the time, effort and expense required to operate a professional video equipment will significantly be saved, thereby producing a professional quality of media environment for the audience.


In addition, those who are willing to establish a video infrastructure based on the AWS Media service may use the CMS and OTT service platforms best optimized for cloud environment. This enables customers to quickly implement the broadcasting service with the outstanding quality.


Along with these supporting tools, Megazone has Asia’s biggest AWS technology supporting pool that even has integrated the media segment as well. Therefore, customers can have access to a complete set of tools that transmit and process the live and on-demand video contents with the superior security, management, and integrated production capability.


Nevertheless, rather than having to manage the complex infrastructure, AWS Media helps all customers to focus on their businesses and services competitively by providing the most appropriate system.



Product1: AWS Media

Product description

AWS Elemental Product Line- Media Product Flow 

▶ AWS Elemental Media Convert

A file-based transcoding specially for OTT, broadcast or storage 


▶ AWS Elemental Media Live

Real-time encoding for sending video streams to TV and multi-screen devices


▶ AWS Elemental Media Package

In charge of a wide range of outputs from video production and individual insertion of video to a legacy formats for multiple devices.


▶ AWS Elemental Media Store

It provides high performance and low latency required to deliver live streaming. The size is comparable to Amazon S3, with strong durability, it is perfectly optimized for media storage.


▶ AWS Elemental Media Tailor

Allows the insertion of the targeted advertising (created from ad servers or client device) into the video streams accurately.



Product 2: Hyper Media

Product description

AWS Media based products in OTT market


▶ HYPER MEDIA Transcoder

A Window application that can simplify the complex transcoding process and can work as a visual tool that can transparently check out the processing. 



Considering the network situation, the definition of HTTP video streaming is chosen. Through plug-ins that are utilized with opensources, optimized service is provided with extra features.



Provides statistical indicators ranging from transcoding (for efficient management of media assets) to publishing through tracking, monitoring, and dashboard.



Automation of entire process of transcoding. self-detection and recovery to failures and errors. Integrated legacy through REST API.