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Title [WIS 2018 Exhibitors] imweb Corp. (아임웹)
Writer KAIT Date 2018-03-30 Views 652



Company name: imweb Corp.


Website: www.imweb.me



From building websites to shopping malls, business starts from ‘imweb’



‘imweb’ is a cloud based reactive website solution, which currently has a high customer satisfaction, especially of those who are preparing for start-ups in Korea and overseas. 


Once you create a website in a PC environment, without no additional touch, it optimizes to the mobile environment automatically, which we call it, a reactive solution. It’s becoming even more popular with new startups as it is capable of creating a high quality website with ts wide selection of designs.


‘imweb’ will not only provide those technical services, but also a ‘marketing center(working title)’ that supports the marketing of clients. Moreover, we are starting a project ‘imweb campus’, which will help those entrepreneurs who just started their businesses in recent years.


In addition, it has a payment service ‘Paypal’ for overseas clients. iweb supports six languages like Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and is becoming a very efficient Business Starter Tool for those who are starting their business for the first time.


The CEO of imweb. Su-mo Lee stated “We don’t want people to hesitate starting a new business because of technological difficulties. We will try our best to continuously update and come up with the most optimal design as we strive to overcome the limitations of existing solutions.




Product: imweb


Product description

imweb is a self-building reactive website solution, that makes it easy to create your own website just by clicking and dragging a mouse without any professional knowledge on design. Currently imweb is supporting six languages accompanied by various services like online payment, paypal, Naver pay, Naver shopping, Daum shopping, etc, thereby clients have a change to create a variety of sites, ranging from regular websites to shopping malls.