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Title [WIS 2018 Exhibitors] Oasys Story (오아시스스토리)
Writer KAIT Date 2018-04-09 Views 315



Company name: Oasys Story 


Website: http://www.oasyss.co.kr



Keyless system is a technology that replaces the traditional key with a smart phones. 


It is a access control solution, that has inserted IOT module, one of the fourth industricaal revolution technologies, to a doorlock, which can be applied in a variety of fields that require such control, like accomodations, offices, schools, facilities, etc.


Keyless offers various functions like access control, restriction, history, analysis, and API to the external sources. It provides a solution to the inconveniences caused by the traditional card keys like issuance, theft, loss, recall and a more stable and specialized service.


Keyless provides unmanned operation in all areas like accomodations such as hotels, resorts, mensions, and offices, apartments, schools. Much of the administrative labor costs is saved by replacing the existing card key issues such as issuance, lost, damage and recall with unmanned devices.


Keyless provides companies with real-time punctuality management, automatic sync to the punctuality data, and salary calculation, which greatly increases the business productivity. Also, real-time management is available for access control, security, and surveillance in laboratory, school, and military facilities where access control and security management is crucial. 



Product 1: Keyless System


Product description: Receives key through text message. Applicable to a variety of fields like access control. security, surveillance, security, etc. 


Product 2: Self check-in

Product description: In resorts and hostels, people can select their own rooms and check-in through mobile or desktop KIOSK.


Product 3: IOT module 

Product description: It works along with the doorlock and entry device to provide information on entries and exits