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Title [WIS 2018 Exhibitors] Uconsystem(유콘시스템)
Writer KAIT Date 2018-04-11 Views 345


Company name: Uconsystem


Website: www.uconsystem.com


Uconsystem, the nation’s largest drone company is participating WIS this year. 

Uconsystem is a company specializing in drones and systems established in 2001. The company has developed a model prepared to be competed with countries overseas like the United States, France since the beginning of its establishment. 


It became the first in Korea to export drones and Ground Control System(GSC) to UAE in 2004, and has developed its own small drones(Remois-006) and distributed to the Korean Marine Corps in 2008. 


In addition, in June 2013, it has signed a contract on supplying small reconnaissance drones with Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Republic of Korean Army(ROKA), and the Korean Marine Corps.


Furthermore, by supplying inspection drones to the private organizations as well as military, it has continued to grow in the civil and military drone markets, which is a rare case among middle sized companies.


In 2011, Uconsystem has received aircraft manufacturing technology from Korean Aerospace Research Institute(KARI), and has involved in a project with Firstec(퍼스텍) on surveillance and reconnaissance business. Through continuous research and development, it has now established its own independent domains in drone industry. 




Product: Drone specialized for spatial information, REMO M


Product description: Won the Grand Prize at the 2017 River Investigation Competition hosted by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. It has the longest flight time among its peer drones.