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About Us

World IT Show

Along with CES and MWC, WIS is Korea’s largest ICT exhibition representing the next generation high-tech industries.

- Merged four IT exhibitions (KIECO/SEK/Expo Comm/It Korea) into one in 2008.
- Has a role of introducing the most recent technologies, products and services in Korea and overseas

Previous Key Exhibits

- 2013: NFC, UD, display
- 2014: IoT, 5G, Giga internet
- 2015: Drone, IoT, 3D printing
- 2016: Smart car IoT, 5G
- 2017: AI, 5G, IoT, VR
- 2018 : AI, IoT, AR/VR, Big Data, Block Chain

As R&D for ICT has invigorated, WIS serves as an international conference continuously contributing to the nation’s sustainable growth and business expansion of the participants. (AKEI certified international exhibition)

- Annual participation of the major domestic and overseas ICT companies (Samsung, LG, KT, Qualcomm, Hyundai-Kia Motors)
- by in-depth search of buyers, the participating companies of WIS are very satisfied with the export consultation every year. It serves as a business platform for companies to enter the global market.
- It’s a ‘K-ICT Future Leaders Forum and Tech Commercialization Festival’ held by Ministry of Science and ICT that presents the data of the here and the hereafter.
· K-ICT Future Leaders Forum: demonstrates the research performance in various conferences like Korea Domestic Industry-academia Conference, Universities ICT Research Center Forum, Creative ICT Convergence Leaders Forum, ICT Policy Conference, etc
· ICT Tech Commercialization Festival: Participants are; Institute for Information & communications Technology Promotion(IITP), Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute(ETRI), Telecommunications Technology Assosiation(TTA), Korea Electronics Technology Institute(KETI), Korea Venture Business Association(KOVA), Korea IoT Assosiation(KIoT)

Features of WIS 2019

Visitors perfectly optimized for business

- Approximately 50,000 participants comprised of ICT related manufacturing industries staffs, technical experts, domestic and overseas distribution buyers, research agencies, etc
- 70% of the participants are comprised of domestic and overseas buyers

B2B programs provided for WIS 2019 participants

- Holds “ICT Big-buyer Export Consultation” comprised of the overseas ICT leading groups in KITA. About 30 global Big-buyers in IT, Electronics and Communication from 25 companies and more than 100 ICT companies in Korea are participating in order to proceed a export consultation and business partnering.

Provide an atmosphere of networking within participating companies

- Comprised of overseas companies attending the “ICT Big-buyers Export Consultation Meeting”. holds a seminar on overseas market entry and partnership strategies, provides the WIS 2019 participants with the latest news and an opportunity to have a vibrant networking among each others,

Consultation and contracts are undertake in WIS 2019 as a result of overseas buyers having large interest on the domestic industry

- In addition, based on WIS’s know-hows, the government, research agencies, investment institutions are highly satisfied with the WIS growing B2B program.