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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
252 SEEYA INSIGHT., LTD. www.iseeya.co.kr MilkyWay
251 SimTech Systems, Inc. www.thinkwise.co.kr ThinkWise PQ
250 SOGWARE, Inc. www.sogware.kr K-Pop Dance Master
249 I DO IT Co., Ltd. www.selfsat.com SELFSAT FLY
248 IDEACONCERT Co., Ltd. www.ideaconcert.com TOONIVIE
247 iCent Co., Ltd. www.icent.co.kr iSaver
246 INISOFT Co.,Ltd. www.inisoft.tv Media Streaming system with Machine Learning using QoE(Quality of Experience)
245 IUPLUS INC. www.iuplusinc.co.kr EYEDAR
244 IT Nomads Co.,Ltd www.itnomads.com 아이-피엠에스
243 Imweb Corp. imweb.me imweb
242 RCN www.rcntech.co.kr Advanced WAVE System for C-ITS
241 RF Co., Ltd www.mywindowmate.com WINDOWMATE
240 Alchera Inc. www.alcherainc.com AI based AR
239 APSUNINC www.apsunfit.com Aftershokz
238 Anyractive Co., Ltd. www.mygotouch.com GoTouch