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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
13 Center of Human-centered Interaction for Coexistence www.chic.re.kr Haptic-Sensational Hand MoCap Exoskeleton
12 CHOMDAN Inc. www.hellot.net Magazine
11 Contrix Lab, Inc. www.contrixlab.com 3DCrafts
10 CONTINUUM INC. www.continuumai.co.kr
9 Corebiz Co., Ltd www.corebiz.co.kr Powerbiz Solution
8 Cocoon Design Co., Ltd. www.cocoon-design.co.kr JELLOCELL
7 CLOUD COMPUTING FOR AI RESEARCH CENTER(CLAIR), KONKUK UNIVERSITY clair.konkuk.ac.kr/ Applications and Services with AI Cloud Systems
6 CKSTACK www.ckstack.com S/W Development
5 cedar www.cedar.kr digital signage
4 CIEL INC., www.ciel.co.kr SHUTTLECOK
3 ChunhaGLC www.chunhaglc.co.kr/html/main.html PowerCube
2 CzechInvest https://www.czechinvest.org/ko 해당사항없음
1 cloud4U cloud4u.io VisCAt