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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
38 IdeaLink.Inc www.smartgolf.biz Smart Putter
37 I DO IT Co., Ltd. www.selfsat.com SELFSAT FLY
36 IDEACONCERT Co., Ltd. www.ideaconcert.com TOONIVIE
35 iCent Co., Ltd. www.icent.co.kr iSaver
34 INISOFT Co.,Ltd. www.inisoft.tv Media Streaming system with Machine Learning using QoE(Quality of Experience)
33 IUPLUS INC. www.iuplusinc.co.kr EYEDAR
32 IT Nomads Co.,Ltd www.itnomads.com 아이-피엠에스
31 Imweb Corp. imweb.me imweb
30 Innowireless Co., Ltd. www.innowireless.com CLAIR : Cloud and AI based wireless network Reconnaissance system
29 INUC inucreative.com/ TouchBeat
28 IRUENTECH CO., LTD. www.iruen.com P-SCAN
27 Indyspot Inc. www.look360.kr 360º Panorama VR Online Portal Service
26 Insolmnt inc. www.aiaiplay.com aiaiplay
25 INKCHEM Tech www.inkchem.com ITM Series
24 Intelligence Brain Science Reasearch , Gachon University - IoT module for complex bio metricin for mation analysis