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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
8 INNO-I Co. Safety Belt Warning Device and Monitoring System(SAFE FRIENDS)
7 Innomdle Lab Co.,Ltd www.mysgnl.com Sgnl WB-S50
6 INSPIEN,INC. www.inspien.co.kr xCon
5 Infosonic Inc. www.infosonic.net Sonic Code
4 IT FUSION TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH CENTER, CHOSUN UNIVERSITY ifrc.chosun.ac.kr Wearable Energy harvesting materials and Interface circuit
3 IDRO Co.,Ltd. www.idro.co.kr IDRO900V
2 Industrial Security Research Center, Chung-ang University www.isrc.cau.ac.kr A future smart city platform by using ICT and industrial security technology
1 ITRC ON HOLOGRAM CONVERGENCE TECHNOLOGY, CHUNGBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY holoitrc.chungbuk.ac.kr Convergent services model of the analog and digital hologram