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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
15 Techonvision.Co,.Ltd 2 PC-type screen division monitor
14 TS-Technology - Smart touch table and electric touch board
13 TA Engineering, Inc. www.taeng.co.kr 5G Network Mobile Field Test System
12 THE S vuecam
11 TG&Co. Inc. www.tgnco.kr Virtualaze
10 thehagee gobukee.com G-Dual Force Glass - Ultra Clear type
9 TWOHIM Co.,Ltd www.twohim.com smartphone car mount
8 team3f www.ddakpet.com / padmin.ddakpet.com customized pet smart business platform
7 Techworld www.techworld.co.kr EPNC
6 tween www.tween.co.kr Environmental Control System
5 Twinword Inc. www.twinword.com Twinword Ideas
4 T3Q www.t3q.com AI Patrol.ai
2 TILON www.tilon.com ZeroPlex
1 TTA www.tta.or.kr Introduction to Standardization, Certification Center and Product