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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
9 DandyKorea www.dandykorea.com Sage X3
8 Developtainment Co.,Ltd www.appskit.co.kr APPSKIT
7 DS Broadcast, Inc. www.dsbroadcast.com HD-UHD Up/Down Cross-Converter
6 WEARABLE THINKING CENTER, 웨어러블Thinking연구센터 www.wearablethinking.com/ Development of Smart Wearable Software and devices based on IoT Safe Wellbeing.
5 THE S vuecam
4 DELI-i www.deliikorea.com A.I SmartCity Solution
3 NUI/NUX PLATFORM RESEARCH CENTER, DONGGUK UNIVERSITY www.nuixitrc.dongguk.edu motion recognition, face recognition, robot control, game contents
2 DRAGONFLY GF Co., Ltd. www.dragonflygame.com SPECIAL FORCE VR: ACE
1 DEVICEDESIGN CO.,LTD. www.dd-device.com IoT Device