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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
34 SEESUN www.seesun.tv B:CON
33 SEMO.IO www.semo.io MSABER
32 SEKOGEO.CO.,LTD www.sekogeo.com [RESPETRA] Rescue Chamber
31 SUGENTECH, Inc. www.sugentech.com INCLIX
30 Smart Medical Device www.smd21.com Dr.MUSIC3
29 SmartCityGrid Co., Ltd. www.smartcitygrid.kr SCG SmartAir(car)
28 SpringCloud,Inc. www.aspringcloud.com SpringGo S
27 SEEYA INSIGHT., LTD. www.iseeya.co.kr MilkyWay
26 SimTech Systems, Inc. www.thinkwise.co.kr ThinkWise PQ
25 SOGWARE, Inc. www.sogware.kr K-Pop Dance Master
24 SANGMYUNG UNIVERSITY ssarc.re.kr Hazard analysis process
23 SMART FINTECH RESEARCH CENTER, SOGANG UNIVERSITY sfrc.sogang.ac.kr Demonstration of Blockchain based Fintech Service Platform
22 INTELLIGENT BLOCKCHAIN RESEARCH CENTER, SOGANG UNIVERSITY itrcblockchain.com Blockchain-Based Renewable Energy Trading Platform
20 IOT RESEARCH CENTER(IOT/IOL ITRC), SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY www.seoultech.ac.kr IoT / IoL application-based smart home test bed