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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
78 IdeaLink.Inc www.smartgolf.biz Smart Putter
77 WITHNETWORKS Co., Ltd. i24A
76 uPrism co,. ltd. www.uprism.com CURIX 화상회의 / CURIX Video Web Conferencing Solution
75 EDMS Co., Ltd www.erae.com Payment Kiosk
74 eSTORM Co., Ltd. autopassword.com/ AutoPassword™
73 I DO IT Co., Ltd. www.selfsat.com SELFSAT FLY
72 IDEACONCERT Co., Ltd. www.ideaconcert.com TOONIVIE
71 iCent Co., Ltd. www.icent.co.kr iSaver
70 INISOFT Co.,Ltd. www.inisoft.tv Media Streaming system with Machine Learning using QoE(Quality of Experience)
69 IUPLUS INC. www.iuplusinc.co.kr EYEDAR
68 IT Nomads Co.,Ltd www.itnomads.com 아이-피엠에스
67 Imweb Corp. imweb.me imweb
66 RCN www.rcntech.co.kr Advanced WAVE System for C-ITS
65 RF Co., Ltd www.mywindowmate.com WINDOWMATE
64 Alchera Inc. www.alcherainc.com AI based AR