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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
48 WAEM Co., LTD. www.waem.kr Safe couple photo service
47 WATON waton.co.kr/ Wireless Power Monitoring and Diagnosis Solutiion
46 Wooam, Inc. www.wooam.com SmartPlace eDocushare v9.0
45 WIZnet Co.,Ltd. www.wiznet.io Smart Farm and Smart Street with LoRa and Cat.M1
44 UNILUX Inc. www.uniluxinc.com Lighting Control System
43 Ubiquitous Media Technology Co.,Ltd. www.ymtech.co.kr Enterprise vCPE Service System
42 Innowireless Co., Ltd. www.innowireless.com CLAIR : Cloud and AI based wireless network Reconnaissance system
41 INUC inucreative.com/ TouchBeat
40 IRUENTECH CO., LTD. www.iruen.com P-SCAN
39 247MyTutor INC. Language Service Apps
38 EZ-NET Ubiquitous Co.,Ltd www.ez-net.co.kr CCTV/NETWORK/SERIAL/STORAGE/HDMI/VGA/DVI
37 EasyGeo www.ezgeo.com WorkStudio
36 EzPtTech Co., Ltd. www.thatsgood.com PaperLess Meeting Box
35 Indyspot Inc. www.look360.kr 360º Panorama VR Online Portal Service
34 Insolmnt inc. www.aiaiplay.com aiaiplay