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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
44 (주)YHDATABASE www.yhdatabase.com/ y-SecuKeypad
43 uPrism co,. ltd. www.uprism.com uPrism.io Meetings
42 IST, Inc. 2-belt Treadmill(medical device)
41 IOTSPACE www.iotspace.co.kr/ Smart board
40 IUPLUS, Inc www.iuplusinc.co.kr AEGIS Series
39 S-Technopia.co.ltd www.stechnopia.com IoT sensor module solution
38 H&BiT CO.,LTD. www.hnbit.co.kr Multi USB Adapters and Wi-Fi Zander
37 ATUS, Inc. www.atusguru.com Automotive Smart Ethernet Camera
36 Aplustech Inc. www.aplustech.co.kr SMP2 Portable EMF Meter
35 ELSSEN Inc. www.elssen.com Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts plus LED Touch Lamp
34 MITSOFT CO.,LTD. www.mitsoft.co.kr SM-IFS
33 EMTAKE www.emtake.com affordable Thermal IP Camera
32 M2Me Co., Ltd. mtome.co.kr IoT sensor that turns fitness equipment into VR exercise equipment
31 YOUNGSHINE D&C www.smartyoungshine.com KIGIS
30 OIC KOREA CO.,LTD. www.oickorea.com VIDEOWALL