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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
58 JDW www.jdw.co.kr A1 - 4K Ultra short throw projector
57 GIANT DRONE www.giantdrone.com EOS-X8
56 Zionex Inc. www.zionex.com Cloud-based Supply Chain Management(SCM) Solution Package
55 JC1 Corporation jc1.co.kr eSignon
54 GCI INC. www.gciinc.co.kr Portable Module Type Optical Measurement Instrument
53 RESEARCH CENTER OF CONVERGENCE SYSTEM FOR URBAN DISASTER, CHONNAM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY itrc.jnu.ac.kr Intelligent Image Analysis System for Real-Time Detection of infected suspect
52 Public Safety Information Technology Research Center , Chonbuk National University psitrc.jbnu.ac.kr Autonomous link-based TSCH cell scheduling mechanism
51 J&C GLOBAL www.easynhome.com AlphaDo
50 JSC CO., Ltd www.jscgames.com Medical Serious Game Based on Virtual Reality
49 JMsmart.ITC. jmsmart.co.kr Skin Loop
48 IT FUSION TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH CENTER, CHOSUN UNIVERSITY ifrc.chosun.ac.kr Wearable Energy harvesting materials and Interface circuit
47 Globis Infotec www.globisit.com/ XELF
46 gluekorea Co.,Ltd. www.gluekorea.kr GIS-based Beacon Gateway Safety Solution Package
45 NEMO www.imnemo.com Sleeping child check system in school bus
44 thehagee gobukee.com G-Dual Force Glass - Ultra Clear type