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Basic Information

Company logo Power Republic Corp. LOGO Company name Power Republic Corp.
Address Achasanro 17-gil, 57 ,Human Teco 1201, Seoul , Korea Website www.power-republic.com
Phone number 82-2-6238-0021 Fax number 82-2-6238-0024
Joined year 2018 Key exhibits 무선전력전송 시스템, 드론 무선충전 시스템, 토이용 LED 블럭

Company information

WPT’ is to wirelessly transfer power from one place to another without cables. In the electromagnetic field, energy is transferred from power source to electric loads.
WPT is the technology which can transfers power wirelessly and electric energy is presented by the forms of electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic induction or electromagnetic resonance. By replacing the currently existing cabled power & charging system, WPT technology is able to send power anytime, anywhere without any cables.

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