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Basic Information

Company logo POINT & EDGE INC. LOGO Company name POINT & EDGE INC.
Address #404 4F 330 Seongam-ro Mapo-gu Seoul South Korea Website www.pointandedge.com
Phone number 82-70-5101-3230 Fax number 82-50-4388-5453
Joined year 2018 Key exhibits 책상부착형 멀티탭정리함 탭업, 갈라타이, 시옷받침대

Company information

‘POINT and EDGE’ is a creativity-oriented IT accessory maker.
‘POINT’ in the name means idea, the heart of products,
and ‘edge’ means design, the form of product.
Based upon idea & design, we pursue & invent better products.

Product information