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Basic Information

Company logo IUPLUS INC. LOGO Company name IUPLUS INC.
Address #503,25, Simin-daero 248 Beon-gil Dongan-gu Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14067, Korea Website www.iuplusinc.co.kr
Phone number 82-70-4680-1819 Fax number 82-31-696-5067
Joined year 2018 Key exhibits 아이다, 아기스, 레이더 테스트 시스템

Company information

IUPLUS is a company that develops and manufactures radar sensor products using wireless communication technology and radar algorithm.
The main products are indoor motion sensor 'EYEDAR', environmental noise removal security sensor 'AEGIS', portable security sensor 'HERMES' and radar test system 'RTS'.
Our products eliminate environmental noise such as rain, darkness, and windy leaves, and operate well in harsh environments.
We will make sensor products that will help you a safer life.

Product information