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Basic Information

Company logo cloud4U LOGO Company name cloud4U
Address #510, Seongam-ro 330, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 03920, South Korea Website cloud4u.io
Phone number 82-2-3153-7300 Fax number 82-2-3153-7301
Joined year 2018 Key exhibits 비스켓

Company information

cloud4U is a leading cloud software company in Korea. cloud4U has been building Korean PaaS Platform called PaaS-TA for last 5 years which is now accepted among various organizations. cloud4U also created the next generation cloud platform called VisCAt, which will be open in North America in 2018. With VisCAt, user can design and create cloud based system using WYSWIG interface, and manage the system from the drawing.

Product information