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Basic Information

Company logo QUBER Co., Ltd. LOGO Company name QUBER Co., Ltd.
Address B-704 Samwhan Hipex, 230 Pangyoyeok-ro Bundang-gu Seongnam-si Gyeonggi-do 13494 Republic of Korea Website www.quber.net
Phone number 031-716-2636-0 Fax number 031-609-7501-0
Joined year 2018 Key exhibits QUBER G7, Aladin UNOCUBE G1

Company information

No.1 Android Solution Provider for Smart Devices
Meet Quber’s Various Android Solution Based on Numerous SoCs.

Combined with an IPTV and broadcasting set-top boxes
of ATSC, DVB-S,S2/T,T2/C based on Android open source platform.

Quber developed the World’s first Hybrid OTT product
for broadcasting service.

We support the middleware specification
that meets the global standards and has variety references
to supply the solution with top level R&D group.

Product information