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Basic Information

Company logo Hannda Co.,Ltd. LOGO Company name Hannda Co.,Ltd.
Address 501,18-1,Changgyeonggung-ro,Jung-gu,Seoul,)04559,Korea Website www.webticle.com
Phone number 82-2-1800-7064 Fax number 82-050-8090-7064
Joined year 2018 Key exhibits 웹티클 셀, 웹티클 셀

Company information

Hannda system was established in July 2014. Company representatives have a unique 24-year experience in marketing, securities and IT development. We want to grow into an IT service company that can lead the world market even in difficult circumstances. Our company now has a small but world-class technology.
With the technology of Webticle, we have products that can provide global customers with the best data integration and analysis capabilities.

Product information