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Basic Information

Company logo RCN LOGO Company name RCN
Address 194, Techno 2-ro Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34028, Korea Website www.rcntech.co.kr
Phone number 82-42-721-0201 Fax number 82-42-721-0203
Joined year 2018 Key exhibits 차세대 지능형 교통체계용 WAVE 통신장치

Company information

We (RCN) manufacture and develop telecommunication equipment & service.
Major business are as follows;
- Telematics field equipment & WAVE equipment for C-ITS (Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems) & C-ARS (Cooperative-Automated driving Roadway System)
- Radio transmission system
- Wireless Location Determination equipment & system
- LCTRS for Defence
- IoT (Internet of Things) equipment

Product information