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Basic Information

Company logo ROZETATECH LOGO Company name ROZETATECH
Address B-1710, Sagimakgol-ro 45-14 Woorim Lionsvalley 2,Jungwon-gu Seongnam-si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea Website www.rozetatech.co.kr
Phone number 82-31-736-5308 Fax number 82-31-736-5309
Joined year 2018 Key exhibits 스마트콜서버, 알팜센서(RT-400CT), 알팜센서(QT-400BT), 알팜센서(VT-400BT)

Company information

Rozetatech has hopes to escape the limitations of its HOME IoT and become a global leader, with its Industrial IoT (IIoT) technology driving a shift in every industry.Rosetta Stone was born anew, inspired by the role of the mission, in interpreting the secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphics that have brilliantly revealed the hidden past of human history. This is something that I would say is very important as a global company, starting with my mission.Many entrepreneurs, they want to be global busi

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