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Basic Information

Company logo Robo Risen LOGO Company name Robo Risen
Address 1st fl. HyungWoo bldg. 28 UnNam 9-gil, SeochoGu, Seoul South Korea Website www.roborisen.com
Phone number 82-2-6956-2237 Fax number 82-505-300-2239
Joined year 2019 Key exhibits 핑퐁 로봇, 핑퐁 로봇

Company information

The Real IoT Smart Toy Robot PingPong
Presenting a new paradigm on the robot history! Pingpong is a real IoT modular robot that has various types of model with Mesh-Multi Protocol & Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Now you can build any robot and create every motion with tiny and genius robot, Pingpong!


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