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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
132 Indyspot Inc. www.look360.kr www.LOOK360.kr, ONLINE 360 PANORAMA VR PLATFORM SERVICE
131 INKCHEM Tech www.inkchem.com sublimation
130 Zeronsoft N www.zeronsoftn.com ZeroBack
129 J2C Co.Ltd. www.jtwoc.com Single Handheld IRIS
128 G.S.T Co.,Ltd gsti.co.kr bolt washer assembly
127 Contrix Lab. Inc. www.contrixlab.com 3DCrafts
126 KSEEK CO.LTD www.kseek.com ThankyouAge
125 K3I. Co., Ltd. Dino & Me
124 KOREA ITC CO,LTD. www.koreaitc.kr Safend Data Protection Suite
123 CobaltRay Co., Ltd. www.cobaltray.com/ COBALTPOS
122 Cointravit Corp. www.cointravit.com Two-way currency exchanger, purchase system and purchase method
121 Qmiix co., Ltd www.qmiix.co.kr Direct-View Real Hologram System
120 Teslasystem LTD www.teslasystem.co.kr 3D Golf Course Contents based on AR and drone video
119 Power Republic Corp. www.power-republic.com Wireless Power Transfer Aquarium
118 PARTRON Co.,Ltd www.partron.co.kr Bluetooth earset