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Small-sized Robot Autonomous Navigation Sensor Materials
No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
75 JAPAN-KOREA INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY CO-OPERATION FOUNDATION www.jk-bic.jp We support business interchange with Japan
74 KICTA www.koreaict.kr Mobile, IoT, SmartHome, SmartCar, VR, AR, 3D Printing, Fintech etc.
73 (주)YHDATABASE www.yhdatabase.com/ y-SecuKeypad
72 JDW www.jdw.co.kr e100 [ PAS Type Electric Bike ]
71 Robo Risen www.roborisen.com PingPong Robot
70 VIRFIT Corp. www.vhoop.net VHOOP
69 Suntech Co. Ltd www.i-suntech.com KEEPUS
68 SEMISOLUTION Inc. www.camsolution.co.kr Premium Dash Cam CHANUN
67 CVT Electronics Korea www.cvtelectronics.co.kr Interactive Flat Panel
66 IOTSPACE www.iotspace.co.kr/ Smart board
65 IUPLUS, Inc www.iuplusinc.co.kr AEGIS Series
64 S-Technopia.co.ltd www.stechnopia.com IoT sensor module solution
63 H&BiT CO.,LTD. www.hnbit.co.kr Multi USB Adapters and Wi-Fi Zander
62 ATUS, Inc. www.atusguru.com Automotive Smart Ethernet Camera
61 ELSSEN Inc. www.elssen.com Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts plus LED Touch Lamp