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Realistic contents (Stereo, 3D/UHD) AR/VR UI/UX Contents Distribution Platform
Digital Signage Platform Realistic Media Platform Interactive Advertisement Others
No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
50 CyberLink Corp. https://www.cyberlink.com FaceMe AI Facial Recognition Engine
49 Startup Development House https://start-up.house/ Software Development
48 Giga KOREA Foundation www.gkf.kr -
47 (주)YHDATABASE www.yhdatabase.com/ y-SecuKeypad
46 Dabeeo Inc. www.dabeeo.com Dabeeo Maps
45 Dynamic Media Inc. www.dynamicmedia.co.kr Dynamic Live Solution
44 Mediacast, Inc. www.tune-made.com Tunemade
43 SEOJIN NETWORKS www.sjnetwork.co.kr UNiDID
42 H&BiT CO.,LTD. www.hnbit.co.kr Multi USB Adapters and Wi-Fi Zander
41 M2Me Co., Ltd. mtome.co.kr IoT sensor that turns fitness equipment into VR exercise equipment
40 OIC KOREA CO.,LTD. www.oickorea.com VIDEOWALL
39 UKB(UNIKOR BATTERY) CO.,LTD www.ukbkorea.com TMF (Tubular Maintenance Free) Battery
38 INNOWATER&SOLUTION www.innowater.net/ Smart IoT Air Shower
37 E1 Information Technology Co.,Ltd. www.enterprise1.co.kr Ochestra 7
36 Indyspot Inc. www.look360.kr www.LOOK360.kr, ONLINE 360 PANORAMA VR PLATFORM SERVICE