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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
73 KOREA ITC CO,LTD. www.koreaitc.kr Safend Data Protection Suite
72 CobaltRay Co., Ltd. www.cobaltray.com/ COBALTPOS
71 Cointravit Corp. www.cointravit.com Two-way currency exchanger, purchase system and purchase method
70 Funzin co., ltd www.funzin.co.kr FUSION
69 Hongbog Co., Ltd. www.hongbog.com UEyeD Mobile Single
68 Whoborn Inc. www.whoborn.net MR.H Wireless Headphone type 3D Audio Player
67 4S Mapper & DroMii Co,. Ltd www.4SMapper.com CfSM (Car-free Street Mapping)
66 NINELABS www.ninelabs,co.kr Large-cabon 3D Printer
65 ROCKWONIT GLOBAL www.rockwonitglobal.com SMART-X Solution
64 NUNU iibox.net/ iibox
63 ROBOdivine www.robotmubo.com MUBO
62 Lui Technology www.luitechnology.com Voice Things™
61 MyGenomeBox www.mygenomebox.com DNA App Market
60 PURE AIR www.pureairshop.net/ Supiaair
59 Medieng System neo-farm.net/ Integrated Controller