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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
43 OASYS STORY CO. LTD. www.oasyss.co.kr Keyless System
42 Y Tech co., Ltd www.vionlab.co.kr VION meter Standard
41 winningi www.winningi.com Touchless biometric (palmprint, fingerprint) services for mobile devices.
40 UNICAST www.unicast.co.kr IoT Gateway
39 Yoon Ergonomics www.threeddesk.com Three-D desk Ergonomics Workstation
38 ENIGMA www.enigma.so Intelligence Messaging System
37 EFCONTROLS CO., LTD. www.efcontrols.com SETTOP BOARD
36 INSIGHTER www.insighter.co.kr Wordcast
35 KDATA https://www.kdata.or.kr Data Voucher
34 ICT Convergence Expo Korea 2019 www.itce.kr ICT Convergence Expo Korea
33 Jeyun Medical Inc. Real-time Medication Monitoring Service
32 JMsmart.INC. jmsmart.co.kr Bingo - IoT service for dogs health promotion
31 Joyfun www.joyfun.kr JoyFit (Fitness training device and content using the mixed-reality technology)
30 Deans Co., Ltd www.ezwatch.co.kr EZ-12RP
29 DNU Co., Ltd. www.raduino.co.kr D.GyroGym