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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
28 SEEDN Corp. www.seedn.co.kr Leaf
27 C&NOMADE CO.,LTD. www.cnnomade.com Super Resolution
26 ALIO www.ialio.co.kr/ -
25 LKS GLOBAL CO., LTD. - Wireless Security Products
24 Econnbiz Co., LTD. www.econn.biz Pine Wilt Disease Monitoring Platform using Big Data and IoT
23 Ziple Co.,Ltd. www.ziple.biz ZIPLE
22 TABABA Inc. www.venuki.com VENUKI Diamond Black
21 TL-INDUSTRY CO.,LTD www.tl-industry.co.kr Badminton Exercise Device
20 Plable Inc. www.revs.kr Boarder
19 Waltonchain Technology CO.,LTD waltonchaintech.co.kr/ 미정
18 Genie Tech www.genie-tech.co.kr Auto Focuse Handheld Multipurpose Microscope
17 GFK firegun.co.kr Mobile SNS fire-fighting system based on new technology fire extinguisher
16 ChunhaGLC www.chunhaglc.co.kr/html/main.html PowerCube
15 CzechInvest https://www.czechinvest.org/ko Consultancy
14 KYENG www.qcmanager.co.kr QC MANAGER hub