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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
13 KWORKS www.kworks.co.kr/ Pothole Auto-Detection System
12 krizer www.krizer.com Android touch monitor
11 Tech9 Co., Ltd. tech9.co.kr Low-cost outdoor safety monitoring solution
10 Tobii Technology Korea Corporation https://www.tobiipro.com/ko/ Eye Tracker, Insight Research Service
9 Trustfarmmobile trustfarm.io TCM-FM2L FPGA AI CARD
8 payup www.payup.co.kr payup
7 Frenew www.frenew.kr Frenew Magic Mirror
6 HOW-TECH Co.,LTD www.howtech.modoo.at Laser Shooting Training System
5 HighWorldTech Co.,LTD. www.hwtcleaner.com mobile screen cleaner
4 Korea Association for ICT Promotion www.ihd.or.kr Digital Information Ability Test
3 Hancom MDS hancommds.com/ SenseTime
2 HOSTWAY IDC hostway.co.kr FinTech Infrastructure building and Operating Service
1 HUARTCOMPANY www.huartcompany.com B2B video, B2C video, PR video