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No Booth Code Company Name Website Products in Display
77 SPIRENT COMMUNICATIONS WWW.SPIRENT.COM High-Speed Etherent testing solution
76 Startup Development House https://start-up.house/ Software Development
75 Giga KOREA Foundation www.gkf.kr -
74 (주)YHDATABASE www.yhdatabase.com/ y-SecuKeypad
73 uPrism co,. ltd. www.uprism.com uPrism.io Meetings
72 Dabeeo Inc. www.dabeeo.com Dabeeo Maps
71 Dynamic Media Inc. www.dynamicmedia.co.kr Dynamic Live Solution
70 DAZZL.CO.KR www.dazzl.co.kr LAIKIT, All in ONE smartphone holder&stand
69 VIRFIT Corp. www.vhoop.net VHOOP
68 BECS INC www.becscorp.co.kr Cable fault locator
67 SEOJIN NETWORKS www.sjnetwork.co.kr UNiDID
66 H&BiT CO.,LTD. www.hnbit.co.kr Multi USB Adapters and Wi-Fi Zander
65 ATUS, Inc. www.atusguru.com Automotive Smart Ethernet Camera
64 Aplustech Inc. www.aplustech.co.kr SMP2 Portable EMF Meter
63 ELSSEN Inc. www.elssen.com Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts plus LED Touch Lamp