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Basic Information

Company logo PDXen Biosystem Inc. LOGO Company name PDXen Biosystem Inc.
Address 102-4 ,218, Gajeong-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea Website pdxen.com
Phone number 82-2-461-3671 Fax number 82-2-443-8683
Joined year 2019 Key exhibits 딥러닝 HPC플랫폼 대시보드, 피디젠 AI 진단 예측 시스템, 실시간 세포 추적 시스템

Company information

PDXen is a venture company founded in 2013 and pursuingthe next generation of biotechnology, hoping to become a global company that embodies the health and happiness of mankind based on biotechnology.

Product information