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Concurrent Events

ICT Future Leaders Forum 2019

This is the fourth year of ICT Future Leaders Forum, which is an annual 4th industrialization-leading event that showcases the outstanding research results of ICT Future Leaders Training Program.

To present the outstanding research results of universities participating at ITRC and ICT Future Leaders Training Program, the ITRC FORUM and Creative ICT Convergence Forum are held along with the ICT Future Leaders Forum.

ITRC FORUM A forum made it easy for citizens to experience the research results from various groups which consists of 29 universities and 37 university ICT research centers(ITRC).
Creative ICT Convergence Forum Present research results from about 20 different creative projects conducted by students and professors of Yonsei University, POSTECH, and SUNY Korea, all of which is the participants of IT Leaders Training project.

※ We invite you to ICT Future Leaders Forum with World IT Show 2019, Korea biggest ICT exhibition, leading the 4th industrial revolution!

Main events schedule

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