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World IT Show Innovation Awards

‘WIS Innovation of the Year Award’ is selected and awarded for products that received the most attention among
technological products or outstanding technologies that participated in the 2019 WIS

Event overview

Event Name WIS Innovation Awards
Host/Supervisor Ministry of Science and ICT Korea International Trade Association, The Korea Economic Daily,
The Electronic Times, COEX, K.Fairs, Korea Association for ICT Promotion
Awards 10 total awards including Minster’s award (3), grand prize (3), runner-up (4)

Operating Procedure

PR and applications Mar 20 (Mon) – Apr 12 (Fri)
※ Application: Small & medium companies participating in the WIS
1st review document reviews
Review by journalists Review by journalists who are ICT experts
Awards ceremony Apr 24 (Wed) at COEX

Application Sectors

Category Contents
SMART HOME & CITIES Technologies that can connect all household appliances in a home through the communication
network for monitoring and control.
In addition to smart homes, construct infrastructure that connects transportation, energy and
health systems for efficient management of assets and resources
5G With 5G mobile communication, a next-generation mobile network that ensures much faster data
transmission and extremely low delay time.
Deliver a broad range of new service groups
AI Advanced computer program in the image of human intelligence that is a technology that learns
on its own based on massive amounts of data to respond to different situations
IoT Technologies in which different things are connected over the internet environment for mutual
communication between people and things, and things and things
AR/VR Technology that creates a virtual environment similar to the real environment using graphics, etc.
Technology that shows 3D virtual images overlapping real backgrounds
New technologies that combine finances and technologies to offer various services
Technologies that can prevent hacking that may occur when doing transactions with virtual currency
SMART CAR/AUTOMOVIE Technologies in which automobiles go to a set destination through partial or full automation
in which the driver does not have to drive or intervene
SMART DEVICES Collective term of various terminal devices and control devices such as audio devices, health care,
video devices and drive devices (drones, etc.) that use various communication technologies


Section No. of Awards Contents of Awards
World IT Show Awards 2019 Minister of Science and ICT Award 3 Certificate and plaque
World IT Show Awards 2019 Grand Prize 3 Certificate and plaque
World IT Show Awards 2019 Runner-up 4 Certificate and plaque

Review Criteria

Section Areas Detailed Criteria
Technological achievement Complexity of core technology Level of technological superiority compared to domestic and foreign technological levels
Innovativeness Creation of innovative outcomes for creative problem-solving going beyond existing methods
Economical achievement Economic-feasibility Whether maximum configuration was achieved with minimum costs through technological innovations
Sustainability Whether sustainable outcomes, rather than one-time or short-term outcomes were created
Other achievements Expandability Whether synergy effects were created through cooperation with various industrial sectors
Design External beauty and application of user-friendly designs

Eligible Applicants

Invited applicants Application – Small & medium companies participating in WIS
Eligibility Technology or product developed in Korea released within two years from the date of application
The same company (individual) can submit up to 2 works per sector
Grounds for disqualification Works that have concerns such as plagiarism or copyright issues
Same product that was submitted previously
Same product (technology) applied for more than one sector
If the same product (technology) won a different government award
In the event that after the winning works are decided and grounds for disqualification are found
later, the winning may be canceled through the deliberation of the hosts, and all liabilities related
to the award shall be borne by the applicant

Eligible Applicants

Application period Mar 20 (Wed) – 15:00, Apr 12 (Fri), 2019
Application method Application method: Online (email: wis@kait.or.kr)
Submit to: http://www.worlditshow.co.kr/kor
Documents for application [Mandatory] Participation application
[Mandatory] Product guide (draft freely)
[If available] Other materials that can explain the technology or product
[If available] Product catalog or specification form
[If available] Copy of intellectual property rights application or certificate
[If available] Data showing revenue (tax receipts, etc.)
※ Submitted documents will not be returned
(Mandatory documents must be submitted and other documents can be submitted with any kind of form if available)

Special Benefits for Winning Works

- Can utilize WIS Innovation Award logo when engaging in marketing activities with the winning works
- Some winning works will be given the opportunity to give presentations at the ‘New Product & Innovative Technology Presentation’
- Special news coverage, etc.